Dominic Seagal

Dominic Seagal: Like To Meet The Most Powerful Actor In Hollywood

Dominic Seagal is a well-known American actor and young celebrity. Being the renowned son of Steven Seagal and Kelly Lebrock, an actress, makes Dominic Seagal famous.

Dominic Seagal was born on June 21, 1990, on this planet. He goes by Dominic Sanrocco Seagal in full. He was born in California, the state where he was raised.


Net Worth:$16 Million
Name:Dominic Seagal
Date Of Birth:June 21, 1990
Gander: Male
Height: 6 feet 1 inch (1.85m)
Nationality: American
Profession:celebrity child, actor

Early Life

The celeb youngster was born on 21 June 1990 in Los Angeles, California, United States. Dominic Seagal is the son of Steven Seagal and Kelly LeBrock.

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Dominic’s father is an actor, screenwriter, guitarist, and martial artist recognized for starring in many films, including Under Siege and Machete .

Dominic’s mom is an actress and version recognized for her position in Hard To Kill, in which Steven is likewise an actor. Dominic has blood siblings and five half-siblings.

father of Dominic Seagal has seven kids from 4 relationships. Steven Seagal has kids from his first court, Kentaro and Ayako Fujitani. His 2d courting ended without kids.

Steven then married Dominic’s mom, Kelly LeBrok, and had three kids, Annaliza, Dominic, and Arissa. Then, Steven married 0.33 times and welcomed a son called Kunzang.

Besides his organic offspring, Steven is the parent of Yabshi Pan Rinzinwangmo, the handiest infant of the tenth Panchen Lama of Tibet.

Dominic Seagal grew up in California, where he skilled his formative years and attended faculty. However, he desired to be an actor at the same time younger and observe in his parent’s footsteps.

Thus, he joined the drama membership in excessive faculty and participated in numerous plays. But after graduating from excessive faculty, he selected a unique professional path.

Hobbies and other interests

Dominic Seagal is physically fairly active and works out four to five times weekly, which accounts for his muscular build.

Traveling is something Dominic Seagal enjoys, and when he was a young child, his father frequently took him along as he traveled the country to film his films and TV shows.

Dominic Seagal has visited more than ten US states and various Asian and European nations; his ideal vacation spot is Brazil. 

Kangaroos and elephants are two of Dominic Seagal’s favorite creatures. Late-night movie watching is something Dominic Seagal enjoys.

Jim Carrey and Jennifer Lopez are two of his favorite actors and actresses, and “The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective – When Nature Calls,” and “Bruce Almighty” are some of his favorite movies.


Dominic Seagal was raised and spent his formative years in California, where he also attended school. He grew up wanting to be an actor and be like his parents.

The sources state that he is a graduate, but they provide no more information regarding the schools he attended between kindergarten and high school, except college.

In high school, he joined the theater group and took part in several performances as a result. But he decided to seek a new career after graduating from high school.

Dominic Seagal Father

Steven Frederick Seagal

Steven Frederick Seagal is an American citizen and was born on April 10, 1952, in Lansing, Michigan, under the sign of the Ram.

Although he has starred in nearly 60 films and TV shows, he is arguably still best recognized for his role as Forrest Taft in the 1994 action adventure thriller movie “On Deadly Grounds.”

The film, which also starred Michael Caine and Joan Chen, was directed by Steven and competed for one of the seven prizes it was nominated for.

It depicts a martial artist and environmental agent who takes on an oil corporation. Steven and his sister Brenda were raised in Lansing by their parents Patricia, a medical technician, and their father, Samuel Seagal, a math teacher at a nearby high school.

Steven attended Buena Park High School after the family relocated to Fullerton, California, when he was five.

He enrolled in Fullerton College after graduating in 1970 but left after barely a year. Soon after, Steven moved to Japan, but upon his return in 1974, he met martial artist Miyako Fujitani, whom he later married and with whom he had two children, Ayako and Kentaro.

Soon after, Steven created his dojo, and in 1983 he established an aikido dojo in North Hollywood, California.

Following the success of his breakout performance in the 1988 action thriller “Above the Law,” Steven went on to star in several other well-known martial arts films, including “Hard to Kill,” “Out for Justice,” and “Marked for Death.”

He appeared in the underwhelming movie “Fire Down Below” in 1997 and the action thriller “The Patriot”.

Dominic Seagal Mother

Kelly LeBrock

Kelly LeBrock is an American citizen born on March 24, 1960, in New York City, New York. She is an Aries by birth sign.

Despite having roles in nearly 20 films and TV shows, Kelly is likely best remembered for playing Lisa in the 1985 romantic science fiction comedy “Weird Science.”

The movie, nominated for one award, was written and directed by John Hughes and starred Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith.

It followed two adolescent males who used a computer program to build the ideal woman, who is now threatening to wreck their lives.

Kelly and her brother Harold were both raised in New York City by their French-Canadian father and British housewife mother, Maria.

She developed an interest in modeling while enrolled at a local high school, and at the age 16, she began her modeling career by signing her first contract.

Kelly first came to public attention in 1979 when she posed for the “Vogue” cover. A few months later, Kelly signed a contract with Christian Dior.

Her debut film role was in the 1984 romantic comedy “The Woman in Red,” and she went on to feature in a few other films, including the 1990 action thriller “Hard to Kill,” the 1993 drama “Betrayal of the Dove,” and the 1995 action film “Hard Bounty.”

Since then, she has only had a few appearances in movies and TV shows; her most recent appearance was in the romantic comedy “Charlie Boy” in 2021.

Dominic Seagal Parents Unsuccessful Marriage

Dominic Seagal’s parents, Kelly and Steven, did not have a happy marriage. They allegedly had a lovely wedding ceremony to tie the knot in 1987.

Although things appeared to be going well for the couple at first, after only a few years of marriage, things started to go south.

Kelly eventually filed for divorce from Steven, which was ultimately successful in 1996. For nine years, they were wed.

However, the ex-couple still needs to specify the precise cause of their divorce. Steven has had three other marriages in addition to Kelly.

Miyako Fujitani, a martial arts instructor, was his first wife. In 1974, they got married, and they got divorced in 1987.

Adrienne LaRussa, an American actress, served as his third wife. In 1984, they took a wedding procession. But regrettably, because they got divorced the same year, this happened to his briefest marriage.

Finally, Steven and Erdenetuya Batsukh made their fourth trip down the aisle. They got married in 2009 and have remained together ever since. It appears that they get along well as a pair.

Dominic Seagal Wife

Dominic Seagal has kept a lot of his life hidden from view. As a result, whether he is married, engaged, or just dating is still being determined.

Despite growing up as a star, Dominic Seagal has never given an interview or spoken to the media. Furthermore, it is uncertain if he is a father to any kids.

Dominic Seagal maintains a private Instagram account because he needs his solitude. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to locate the most recent images of Dominic Seagal.

Career Of Dominic Seagal

After receiving his degree, Dominic Seagal began his acting career. But needed to have job success. Instead, he has so appeared in a few TV series and short films.

There is only a little information online concerning his career, except for the career mentioned earlier. Dominic Seagal might, however, be acting and doing brand endorsement jobs to support himself.

Speaking about his father is an American martial artist, actor, producer, screenwriter, and musician. He started his adult life in Japan, teaching martial arts. Additionally, Steven opens the nation’s first aikido dojo run by a foreigner.

In the 1988 film Above the Law, he made his acting debut. Additionally, a guitarist, he has two studio albums: Mojo Priest and Songs from the Crystal Cave.

Speaking of Dominic Seagal’s mother is a model and an American-English actress. Consequently, The Woman in Red served as her acting debut. She co-starred alongside Steven Seagal in the movies Weird Science and Hard to Kill.