Find My Device

Find My Device Top 10 Alternative And Method To Find Phone

Find My Device Alternatives are mainly Trackers but may also be Device Tracker Apps or Mobile Device Management Tools.

Using a phone tracker app, you may keep track of a mobile device’s position. The software can help you find your lost or stolen tablet or phone. Besides, the app can be used to monitor your kids as well.

You can see the kid’s mobile device’s location and other data, such as call logs, web searches, social media messages, and more.

Best Find My Alternatives

Prey, an Open Source alternative to Find My Device, is the finest free option. However, if that’s different from what you’re looking for, our customers have rated more than ten alternatives to Find My Device, many of which are free.

So you can find something that works better for you. Lookout Mobile Security, logger, Find My, and Emsisoft is other intriguing free options to Find My Device.

Prey VS Find My Device


If your laptop or smartphone is ever stolen, Prey is a small application that will assist you in tracking it down and recovering it. Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android all support it.

Lookout VS Find My Device


Lookout protects your device and data from various risks facing mobile devices, including loss, theft, viruses, spyware, and hackers. It blends enterprise-grade security with end-user simplicity.

Cerberus VS Find My Device


People frequently think of Cerberus while discussing find my phone apps. It boasts a wide range of functionality, including the ability to lock and reset your phone, activate alarms, shows messages on the screen, and even access the front camera so you can snap a photo of the thief.

Cerberus can also be cast of with Wear OS, remote shell into your device, recorded audio through the mic, and hidden from the app drawer so that no one knows it is there. A free trial is available. After that, you can purchase up to ten devices for $43 annually or a single license for $5.

You must download this software directly from Cerberus because Google’s strict permission requirements have forced Google to remove it from Google Play.

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Carriers VS Find My Device

Find My Phone

You may utilize find my phone applications from the majority of major carriers (at least in the US). However, the cost of the services is often added to your monthly bill.

However, the carriers will assist you in finding your phone in return. We can confirm that these services are offered by the three major US carriers.

They have varied price tags. But if you called customer care (as we did), almost everyone would advise Google’s Find My Phone. The fact that your carrier will be reachable when you call them makes these solutions respectable.

Track book

Find My Phone

A simple tool for tracking your moves is the Track book. The track book is excellent for exercising, traveling, and trekking. Additionally, it follows your motions on a map after it’s begun. OpenStreetMap is the source of the map information.


Find My Phone

Emsisoft Mobile Security is a cutting-edge security solution for Android smartphones that is concentrated on having low system or battery impact while giving you access to various security features to make your Android experience safer and more in the picture.


Find My Phone

An antivirus program called Kaspersky Internet Security for Android can help shield your sensitive information from internet threats and secure your phone or tablet, which may be even more vulnerable than your computer. The App Lock function protects private data from prying eyes as well.

Family Locator

Family Locator

The Life360 “Family Locator” app is another top Find My Device app on our list. In addition, this app was given an “Editor’s Choice” award on the Google Play store as of the time of writing.

The “Family Locator” software performs a straightforward purpose, as the name says. To do that, find your phone.

This app, marketed as a family locator, performs the same task as our previous one. Use GPS to find your phone. Additionally, you may form a group with this app and view each member’s Location was their phones.

If your phone is stolen, you can also use the browser on your computer to find it. Visit and log into your account right now.

Besides, you can conveniently message as well. You can conveniently message each person in your group using the already built-in technology.



One of the top online tools for tracking whereabouts is Glympse. Glympse is accessible on both iOS and Android-powered devices.

This program lets you discover the target device’s location history and rapidly locates your smartphone. So using the Glympse online dashboard, you may view the location tracking activity.



Google’s native finds your phone app is says Find My Phone. It performs all the fundamental tasks. First, within a given radius, it can find your phone.

Then you can ring and wipe your phone with the app. And even display a message. Google is a fantastic alternative to Find My Device.

Whoever owns it will know that you are looking for it if you do this. The software is fantastic since it allows you to make a valiant effort to locate the phone. In addition the worst-case scenario, you can wipe it. So the two main functions of apps that find your phone are those two.

Additionally, there are no in-app purchases and no advertising. It is free. Updates in the latter part of 2018 brought indoor map capabilities for locations like malls, stadiums, and airports.

Method to find phone

You may verify that Find My Device can find your device in case you misplace your phone, tablet, or Wear OS watch.

Ensure that your device can be located.

Android phones need the following to be located, locked, or erased:

  • be activated
  •  Having a Google Account sign in
  •  being able to access Wi-Fi or mobile data
  •  Show up on Google Play
  •  Have Location activated
  •  Switch on Find My Device.

Step 1: Verify that Find My Device is turned on.

  • Open the Settings app on your device.
  •  Then select Find My Device under Security. Tap Security & Location or Google And then Security if “Security” isn’t shown.
  •  Verify that Find My Device is activated.

Advice: If you share a tablet with someone else. Then only that person can modify these settings.

Step 2: Verify that Location is enabled.

  • The Settings app on your device.
  • Toggle Location. Visit the support page for the maker of your phone for assistance if you can’t see “Location.”
  •  Activate Location.

Step 3: Verify Google Play visibility is enabled.

The device won’t appear in Find My Device if you hide it from Google Play.

  • Visit
  •  Then choose the gadget from “Visibility.”

Step 4$ Activate backups for 2-Step Verification.

Important: You must have a backup phone or backup code if you utilize 2-Step Verification for your account.

  • logging into your Google Account
  •  Select Security.
  •  Tap 2-Step Verification on the “Signing into Google” tab.

Step 5: Verify that you can locate your gadget.

  • Navigate to
  •  Go to your Google Account and log in. Sign in using a Google Account on the main profile if this device has more than one user profile.
  •  Click this device in the top-right corner of the screen if you are using more than one device.