How to Make a Little Alchemy 2

How to Make Evil in Little Alchemy 2 Steps by Steps

Evil in Little Alchemy 2 is a special element you can make with a good amount of effort. Then It will take some time to work through the various combinations to reach this point, but it’s worth it if you want to make some interesting final products in the game. This guide will cover the quickest way to make

How to Make Evil in Little Alchemy 2

It’s crucial to remember that Evil is a special component in Little Alchemy 2. Only those who purchase the Myths and Monsters content bundle have access. So, you won’t be able to make it if your account doesn’t already have this content pack associated with it.

So ,after purchasing the content pack, the only method to make Evil In Little Alchemy 2 is by fusing Humans and Pandora’s Box. Before opening a Pandora’s Box between these two, let’s concentrate on people.

How to Make Earthling?

To create Humans, you must go through these combinations, starting with the basic components.

  • For a puddle, combine two water sources.
  • Incorporate two Fires to produce Energy.
  • To make a pond, add some water to a puddle.
  • To make a lake, add a pond and some water.
  • To create the Sea, combine the Lake with Water.
  • Primordial Soup is created by combining the Sea and the Earth.
  • Energy and Primordial Soup together produce Life.
  • Next, create mud by mixing earth and water.
  • Create Pressure by combining two Air elements.
  • Combine Earth with Pressure to create Stone.
  • Clay is created by mixing stone and mud.
  • Clay and life combined to create humans.

How to Build Pandora’s Box

  • To create a tool, combine Humans and Stone.
  • To create soil, combine Earth and Life.
  • You need life and soil to create a plant.
  • Make a tree by combining plants with time.
  • Create a logger by combining humans and trees.
  • To create an axe, combine a Lumberjack and a tool.
  • To create a forest, combine two trees.
  • Axe and Forest together will yield Wood.
  • To create a campfire, combine fire and wood.
  • A story can be created by combining humans and Campfire.
  • Philosophy is Machen the Human and Story come together, philosophy is when the Human and Story are together.
  • Container made from pottery and philosophy.
  • Good and Container together will create a Pandora’s Box.
  • Results from combining Humans and Pandora’s Box.

By completing these stages, you will possess Evil. So, the most difficult component in all these combinations will be Time, which you can unlock Evil in Little Alchemy 2 by finding 100 varieties.

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How to Create Evil in Little Alchemy 2 Most Easily

Then download the Myths and Monsters Pack, which contains all four essential ingredients, including Evil, to construct quickly. Therefore, following instruction will be beneficial for you if you want to enjoy playing and want to adapt as long as possible.

The primary objective is to make Human and Pandora’s Box because you need these two things to do Evil. However, while it may seem simple now, it becomes challenging over time. Therefore, before delving into the depths of producing in the following instruction will go over in great detail the steps of creating Human and Pandora’s box.


As you can see, there are many new things, representing only a portion of what is available since there are also items that require Good, Monster, Immortality, and Evil in addition to those that need Evil. The good news is that it is currently Evil In Little Alchemy 2’s first paid expansion; purchasing less than $3 feels like a pretty acceptable price. he crafting game Evil In Little Alchemy 2 is simple.

Because to find planets, spaceships, and unicorns, combine materials starting with just air, water, earth, and fire. Then Combine elements to build a new universe! So, find amusing things with interesting descriptions, then get lost in the big, fascinating library!