Lorawan Tester

Lorawan Tester for Coverage Testing: Package Plug and play

Lorawan Tester is a small, all-in-one device ideal for R&D, QC, and manufacturers. It offers the ideal option for testing and measuring LoRa® and LoRaWAN® technologies.

It offers several test operations that can be carried out in signaling modes, such as activation processes and non-signaling procedures.

Furthermore, by carrying out the pre-certification tests mandated by the LoRa Alliance®, automated PC software assists users in testing and debugging their devices.

LoRaWAN network tester allows automatic or manual measurement of the coverage quality of a LORA network, while location measurement points. It might be challenging to determine how well a LORAWAN network covers a certain area.

Lorawan Testers for Coverage Testing is crucial but LORAWAN’s project is success! Measuring whether transmission quality will be guaranteed.

Whether sensors are deployed on a public LORAWAN network, or a private LORAWAN network is implemented. In addition, Essential to secure data transfer or to extend the |Battery’s useful life.

The LORAWAN Network Tester wants to achieve this. Therefore, it checks the accuracy of data transmission and reception on a LORAWAN network and validates the transmission parameters.

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GPS location of the measurement: Lorawan Tester

On the one hand, it provides an on-screen visualization and also delivers the measurements made with the GPS location of the measurement location via a its message. On the other hand, all this is in manual or automatic mode .

Lorawan Testers for Coverage Testing Product Content

  • full GW 1
  • outdoor SLtester device 1
  • 1indoor SLtester device
  • 3 years service subscription
  • (around 2000 feedback SMS)
  • collecting field help
  • documents

common uses

Typical applications

  • Space that is both inside and outside
  • evaluating the radio’s range in a new area
  • Establishing the locations of devices and gateways
  • application that is clever and efficient
  • Increasing the speed of POC and wider deployment
  • Examining the environment for influences

Technical information Lorawan Tester for Coverage Testing

Physical dimensions
250 x 150 x 60 mm
Operating temperature
Indoor 0°C to +55°C / Outdoor -20°C to 70°C
RF sensitivity
RF power
14dBm (25mW)
Radio band
868 MHz
EMC Compliance
ETSI EN 301 489-1,
Radio Compliance
EN 300 220-1 V 2.4.1 (2012-05),
Magnetic field exposure
EN 300 220-2 V 2.4.1 (2012-05) EN 62479
SafetyIEC 60950-1, EN 60950-22

Commissioning of sensors – SL-SETTING: Lorawan Tester

The SL-Setting tool gives you complete control and besides autonomy over configuring your Senlab devices and, if applicable, the SL-Gateway (Sensing Labs LoRaWANTM gateway solution).

The SL-Setting package includes:

  • A piece of hardware that supports positioning the components for the communication link from “sensor to computer.”
  • A program that grants you access to all the configuration and upkeep

GPS-based LORAWAN Network Tester’s description

The LoRaWAN® network tester enables the simultaneous location of measurement points and also automatic or manual testing of the coverage quality of a LORA network.

A unique signal is sent to the LoRaWAN® network by the LoRaWAN network tester. Besides it provides the number of gateways that picked up this signal and its strength.

Then information is shown on a digital display by this uplink/downlink data tester. Additionally a GPS chip on the LORAWAN network tester enables measurements position, satellite count) to be made.

When auto-enabled, the tester continually sends measurement data to the LoRaWAN® network along with an update of its coordinates.

The Lorawan Tester can be used to test common LoRaWAN® networks, whether they are private or public. The tester assists in deciding where gateways and sensors are for one another.

What is the procedure for the Lorawan range coverage testers?

Installing LoRa on one or more devices in a specific area allows for the performance of LoRa coverage tests. Besides these LoRa Lorawan Tester and other devices can be also installed in mobile devices or cars.

You can then transfer data packets frequently using LoRa devices, which are afterward processed and stored.

This Technique’s goal is to map the Lorawan Tester coverage area and use it to determine how close or far the connection is to your IoT devices. To determine how far a device will be from a LoRaWAN gateway, so it is crucial to do a thorough coverage test.

The LoRaWAN coverage test fundamentally functions as a user-based coverage test and also offers sufficient details regarding the performance and coverage of LoRaWAN in a specific location.