Mathway Best 10 Alternative For Easy Mathematics 

Mathway is the globe’s most fashionable computation calculator for algebra, graphing, calculus, and more! Mathway offers you eternal admission to math answers that allow you to recognize complicated concepts.

Factor your digital digicam and snap an image or kind your math homework query for step-by-step solutions

Math might be challenging, but it’s necessary to provide the foundation you need to enter any industry or occupation, from accounting to zoology.

Mathway Alternative For Easy Mathematics article will be very helpful for those who have math problems but need an easy way to get help. 

Microsoft Math Solver

Microsoft Math Solver

The complete online math tool for both professionals and kids is Microsoft Math Solver. It is one of the math problem-solving websites like Mathway. Thanks to this effective application, math lovers of all ages can easily comprehend challenging problems.

The website offers step-by-step instructions on about 150 different areas, including algebra, pre-algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics. In addition, Microsoft Math’s Solver offers detailed solutions to math issues as an add-on for Microsoft Excel.

It gives students, instructors, and professional users immediate insight and improved education. In addition, it’s simple to revisit what you’ve learned or need to study because it stores all of your past work.

Students can run a quiz to themselves to review their prior responses before an exam. In addition, the finest online math problem solver, Microsoft Arithmetic Solver, allows you to enter any math question and instantly receive comprehensive answers.

WebMath like Mathway


WebMath is an online math problem-solving tool developed by Discovery Education to give users solutions to particular issues. Like Mathway, it enables you to choose a certain category depending on the mathematical problem you’re trying to solve.

You don’t need to download and install any apps to use it. Instead, you can find solutions to your difficulties online by choosing a category and inputting your issue. WebMath is simple to use and has an uncomplicated interface.

It has a main toolbar at the top of the page that users can use to navigate the site’s various subject categories.

However, because WebMath is a subdomain of the Discovery Education website, new users should exercise caution to prevent getting lost on the page, which also has a toolbar leading there.

Additionally, the webpage has a lot of wordiness, which can be bothersome but is important for clarification. Despite lacking flashy graphics like those on other websites, WebMath succeeds in providing clear explanations of complex ideas.

Symbolab Like Mathway


A simple program called Symbolab allows you to start solving arithmetic problems right now. It can handle a wide variety of issues, including those involving equations, integrals, trigonometry, limits, and more. Moreover, it delivers answers to your problems with clearly defined procedures.

More than 100 potent calculators that process arithmetic problems more quickly are included in this tool. Additionally, it has an interactive graph that you may use to see your responses.

The fact that Symbolab can resolve chemistry-related issues like equation balance is one area in which I find it more practical than Mathway.

The program has a history section and notepad pages to make it easier for you to navigate back to previously resolved issues. For some topics, you can also create cheat sheets.

The calculator capture feature in Symbolab is another incredible feature. This can be used to take a photo of the written problem you want to solve.

The software’s machine learning technique allows for the implementation of this feature. Anyone interested in mathematics and calculations should use Symbolab. But college students and youngsters who need an app to check their work will find it more helpful.



Regarding functions and functionality, QuickMath is an online math tool that can compete with Mathway. Numerous numerical issues, including straightforward equations, matrices, calculus, etc., can be resolved using it. Similar to Mathway, QuickMath is one of the programs with the most online math help.

There’sIt is likely that you’ve used QuickMath previously if you’ve ever needed to Google math solutions. For rapid access whenever you need to solve a problem quickly, QuickMath can be downloaded as an application.

However, you can complete all necessary problem-solving on their official website without installing any application. The software uses a multipurpose method to calculate and illustrate math problems step-by-step. It is simple to use this solution.

It would help if you first decided what issue to resolve, typed it into the appropriate area, and clicked the action button. Then, QuickMath will provide you with a full breakdown of the procedures involved in solving the issue.

To solve a word problem, you must first comprehend what is needed, such as an equation, factoring, or graphing. After that, convert the word problem into a mathematical formula and enter it online. After that, QuickMath will handle the rest.

Cymath Like Mathway


Cymath is an internet resource that provides solutions to math issues. It offers free, step-by-step solutions to your difficulties, similar to Mathway.

In addition, it can be used for various calculations, including advanced mathematics and graphical analyses.

In addition to having a photo feature like Microsoft Math Solver. It also lets you manually enter math problems, just like Mathway.

By examining how it generates each solution and expanding your knowledge from there. You can use this tool to become familiar with mathematical techniques quickly.

Functions for factorization, logarithms, trigonometry, partial fractions, quadratic equations, and many other operations are all possible.

Most of the time, it gives you free, detailed solutions to almost any mathematical issue. However, if you want more assistance, you may choose Cymath Plus. Which, as of the writing of this post, costs $4.99 per month.

This plan provides you with more details about your assignment, such as the steps that are taken and their justifications.

Furthermore, it provides you with enough time to decide whether you still want to use the app because subscriptions are frequently automatically renewed at least 24 hours before your current payment expires.

Chegg Like Mathway


Chegg is a well-known online math solver that excels at processing algebraic and calculus-based math problems quickly and accurately.

In addition, it has a beautiful user interface and a clear keypad that makes it simple to spot an incorrect arithmetic question.

When you enter a valid query, you will receive the appropriate response immediately. I have used the Chegg app a few times for final exam preparation. I can’t tell you how many times it has saved me from difficult questions.

The Chegg library has far more resources than the standard Mathway app. Millions of fully explicated textbook solutions on various topics, including math, physics, chemistry, and engineering, are available online. The program can even help you with the most challenging business calculations.

With Chegg, you can find answers to questions written by hand. Snap a brief image of your query and send it to the app’s specialists to receive a thorough response in less than 30 minutes.

With a little classroom experience, you can get on-the-go explanations for some of the most challenging calculation questions thanks to Chegg’s walkthrough videos, which are available for many topics.

Chegg is great since it provides straightforward solutions and allows me to review my work in progress to see if I made any mistakes.

Chegg is primarily free, but you can choose the premium plan to have access to some of its more sophisticated features.

Photomath like Mathway


Simple to use tool for solving math problems, Photomath was created by Photomath, Inc. Through the use of your Smartphone’s camera, you may use this tool to quickly and easily solve math problems. This program installs easily and is simple to use.

First, launch the Photomath Software that you downloaded to your Android phone from the Playstore.

Then, scan the mathematical equation with your camera similarly to how you would like a QR code, and Photomath will respond to your query shortly.

Photomath, unlike Mathway, does not allow users to enter Mathematical equations into the program manually. However, the camera scanning solution is more than adequate to resolve simple and difficult issues.

Photomath, unlike Mathway, does not allow users to type mathematical equations into the program manually. Nevertheless, the camera scanning solution is more than adequate to answer easy and complex problems.

Problems in algebra, trigonometry, calculus and even statistics can be resolved. I have personally used this program a few times, primarily to verify that my assignments are accurate, and I assure you that the outcome is fantastic.

It provides an easy-to-understand explanation of every step involved in an equation. The fact that the software is slick and stylish also helps.

You may still use the calculator included with it to conduct some simple math and use the Photomath software to scan your questions for solutions.

MathPapa like Mathway


One of the best online calculators available for solving algebraic equations is MathPapa. I wouldn’t consider looking past this program if you wanted to learn mathematics on your mobile because it allows you to step-by-step analyze the results.

The program will walk you through the calculation process before displaying the solution. As a result, you can use this program to learn algebraic concepts at your own pace and develop a solid math foundation.

In addition to helping you with elementary algebra problems, MathPapa can also assist you understand polynomials and provide diagrams to help you solve equations.

The software, like Mathway, offers a variety of topic categories to pick from, but it focuses primarily on fractions, decimals, and percentages.

Your linear and quadratic equations and inequalities can easily be solved. The program also can answer two-variable problems and show the processes it took to get there.

You can get practice questions on the app to learn mathematics more usefully and quickly. Of course, you will see easy math issues, including decimals and percentage issues.

But there is yet more to it. To further assist you in developing a deeper understanding of the subject, the official MathPapa website also offers several algebra lessons.

The solutions to any problems you might encounter are typically supplied in these lessons in a step-by-step fashion. You can download the app to your computer or iPhone. You should be prepared to pay $9.99 per month if you want access to a MathPapa free of advertisements.

Tiger Algebra

Tiger Algebra

A fantastic website that will assist you with your arithmetic issues says Tiger Algebra. Due to the way its website is designed. It is most likely the one on our list that is closest to Mathway.

Type the problem into the given form if you need to solve a simple arithmetic problem, and the software will respond with the solution right away.

Equations and other harder problems can be solved using Tiger Algebra. You will be given a step-by-step explanation of how to solve this problem.

For instance, if you enter a sum into the field, it will display the answer, a graph, and the steps you have to take to get there.

You can use this Software to finish your schoolwork or to learn a few new subjects. After using it a few times, Tiger Algebra is one of the greatest Mathway alternatives.

But unlike Mathway, Tiger Algebra is only capable of resolving algebraic problems. Nevertheless, the platform is great and covers all aspects of algebra aside from that.

Meta Calculator like Mathway


The Meta Calculator is a versatile calculator that can be used to resolve a variety of intricate mathematical issues.

It can process graphical and scientific sums, data, and matrices, making it perfect for tasks that the standard IOS calculator cannot complete.

If you use an iOS device, you are aware that the built-in calculator cannot do complex Mathematical operations. To fix different tasks, you will, at best, need a variety of calculators, which is inconvenient. It’s different from the Meta Calculator.

It is a complete system that can carry out all the key operations you may need from a calculator. It has a free edition that includes scientific and Graphical features.

However, you will need to spend $1.98, or $0.99 for each, to gain access to this program’s matrix and statistics portions.

Considering the potent abilities you gain in exchange, and this is a modest price. There are quite a few more sophisticated functions in the Meta Calculator than in Mathway.

Its Graphical user interface enables you to perform Simultaneous calculations for up to five linear sums and displays data as simple graphs.

By hitting a single button, you can also save your chart for use at a later time. You can also area your counting using this tool to access them anytime quickly.

So you should consider this Calculator if you’re seeking a handy one for your mobile device. The Meta Calculator’s two separate in-house purchases are the only thing that bothers me; hopefully, they will eventually combine to form one.


You can’tcan only solve some correct issues using a Calculator and your wits by yourself. Therefore, you sometimes need a little assistance to increase your capacity. For me, that helping hand is nearly always provided by Symbolab since it not only saves me.

It takes a tonne of time and effort but also because it is the app on our list that is most like to Mathway and does not require a premium gift. So which of the ten sites I’ve shown you that are similar to Mathway and that you may use to answer any additional issue you come across is your favorite?