Mount Pole On Roof

Mount Pole On Roof: Mentor Guidelines

Mount Pole Rooftop Reference Guide In most cases, the best spot to install a wireless router is on the roof of your house or place of business. This guide needs to be more comprehensive and cover every situation because every top is unique. Mount Pole on Roof is a home improvement. The choice of action to pursue in Mount Pole will be up to you; we are only explaining your options.

If you need to install a large and heavy antenna system, or if you need to install your antenna higher than the normal 1.2-meter pole.

Mount Pole pole and stay antenna mount combo may be the best choice. In this section, I’ll demonstrate how to put up a light-angle mount, a 1.8-meter pole, and two 1.8-meter metal remaining bars.

Adjusting the light’s Angle on a Roof-Mounted Pole

The optimal location for this mount is always as high as feasible, but where you position it will depend on why you place it.

For example, if you want to raise your antenna, put the light angle roof mount as high up the top as you can and lower the stay bars.

The main pole and stay bars will so coincide roughly halfway up. The pole may flex over this point, but it normally won’t cause any issues.

If you want to make the installation as sturdy and solid as feasible for a big antenna, place the stay bars higher and the light angle roof mount lower on the roof.

As a result, the stay bars will be considerably more closely join to the main pole at the top. It reduces the pole mount’s flex and motion.

In this situation, I wanted the support to be as sturdy and stable as possible. Therefore the stay bars were climb above the light-angle roof mount.

Detailed Instructions for Mount Pole on Roof

  • Select a place for the installation of the mount. See “Positioning the Mount” in the section above.
  •  Remove the two roofing screws from the area where the mount will go.
  •  Put silicone in the screw holes on the roof and surrounding them.
  •  The light-angle roof mount should be installed and screwed down.
  •  Replace the screws using the medium torque setting on the drill. Avoid pushing the grooves of the roof sheet. Instead, give the screw heads’ surfaces more silicon.
  •  It is important to insert the main pole into the U-bolt and tighten it so that it is held in place but not so firmly that it becomes challenging to move.
  •  Decide where the stay bars will be. I advise holding them both in the appropriate position to ensure they fit as intended and reach a good place on the pole.
  •  Remove a roof screw from the area where the stay bar’s bottom will be attached.
  •  Apply silicone through the roofing screw’s hole and all around it.
  •  Use a medium tension setting on the drill to reinsert the screw after moving the end of the stay bar. You might need to properly angle the flat hole end of the stay bar before doing this. The flat hole section of the bar must lie flat on the roof. When it fixes, add more silicon to the screw.
  •  Follow steps 8 through 10 to create the second stay bar.
  •  Assuming everything is in its proper place and the pole is upright, check the location of the stay bars on the structure.
  •  After removing the collar(s)’ bolts, mount the collar to the pole.
  •  Once the collar bolts have been inserted through the holes in the stays at the pole end, replace the nuts on them and only then tighten them all the way. Leave the bolt exposed on the lots of the holidays.

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More Details Mount Pole on Roof

  • Manually tighten the collar bolts after placing the collar in a rough position. Maintain their position firmly so that you can move the pole.
  • Make sure the bar is range correctly from both sides as you straighten it until it is vertical. After carefully situating, tighten the collar bolts with a wrench.
  •  The U-bolt on the light-angle roof mount should be drawn with a spanner. The pole should be firmly in place at this point.


Use whichever technique you are most comfortable with as a house or building owner with Mount Pole on Roof. This is where you call home! Consider the options above and select the one that is best for you.

If you’re still unsure, ask people in your community. Look at the hardware your neighbors are mounting for their satellite dishes, TV antennas, and wireless devices.

Ask around; perhaps they can assist you with installation as well. Also, keep in mind that anything on your roof may already have a wireless router linked to it.