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Nware Aurora 2019 takes the company’s iconic gaming desktop design to the next level. Once 2 min read with a liquid cooling system and multiple graphics cards. The Alienware Aurora lives up to its name by appearing in dreams and asking you to take it home the tomorrow morning before it disappears.

Is Alienware Aurora a bargain? Or is there a better desktop with better performance and build quality? Let’s find out together in our full Alienware Aurora 2019 review!

Nware Aurora 2019 Components list

Graphics ProcessorNVIDIA GeForce RX 2070
Operating system:Windows 10
Computer Memory16 GB
Hard Disk Size:512 GB
CPU Speed 4.7 GHz
Processor Count8
Weight17.8 Kg. “39.2 lbs”
CPU ModelCPU Model
Colors Lunar Light and Dark Side of the Moon

 Nware Aurora In 2019

The Nware Aurora 2019 has altered with a new architecture that allows for more effective proper ventilation, quiet operation, and better control of Processor heat. Because weather conditions indicate greater game efficiency and more cycles per minute. This modern game console is rising in efficiency.

So these tops and back valves act as tailpipes to lower the heat of this network to its stock extreme. The last two holes on the platform, located on both the aspect and veneer, allow cool air to pass through, resulting in better efficiency and endurance wellness.

The Theory Beyond the Nware Aurora 2019 Plot

The Nware Aurora stands out as a futuristic PC case unlike any other. The front panel of the casing is built of tempered glass, while the back is built of metal. My word is also RGB lighting in the case that can be put to any color you choose.

If you’re a gamer searching for a desktop with a bit more style than the norm, the Alienware Aurora is a fantastic option. Then the case is beautifully constructed and functional. Additionally, introduction of a tempered glass panel on the front of the casing is a nice touch.

Another cool feature is the RGB lights.
The Alienware Aurora’s high price tag is the sole real drawback. However, the high quality of the case and the included functionality make the cost worthwhile.

Blaze and their Basis

The Lighting and brightness are what stow it distinct from other computer enclosures. There’s a customizable LED light strip on the front of the casing. Two RGB LED fans are scale to the front of the case for additional illumination.

The Alienware Aurora also features a transparent side panel that reveals the system components. The solid metal and aluminum construction of the casing ensures that it will last a long time. ATX, microATX, and miniITX motherboards are all supported.
So if you want a PC case that stands out from the crowd, the Alienware Aurora is a fantastic choice. Compared to competing victims, this one stands out thanks to its unique design.

Nware Aurora 2019 Enhance Frame and Scorching Reign.

Then a new chassis is added with the most recent Nware Aurora 2019 intended to improve airflow and keep your CPU as calm and silent as possible. Even while playing, the decreased temperatures solution in better performance and faster frame rates.
This modern gaming system has an airflow that is reformed for performance. So your gaming system will operate at its best levels thanks to the top and back vents, which act as exhausts. Then the system’s performance and long-term health are the pair enhanced by the two haps. So it located on the front and sides.


If you want a PC case that combines good looks with a solid construction, go no further than the Nware Aurora. Because it’s well made, has plenty of areas to fil out, and boasts one fancy illumination choice. It’s on the pricier side. Though, so keep that in mind as you weigh your decision.