Rocket Fuel Soil


Rocket Fuel Soil was creates for the grower who prefers a quick-draining and lighter medium. One of the greatest indoor and greenhouse blends today is Rocket Fuel, based on growers’ grade Manitoban long fiber peat.

Therefore we employ a blast of calcium nitrate powder to ensure that nitrogen is supply immediately. The farmer can transplant, water plants as needed, unwind, and also leave the Outlaw flying to us for the first several weeks thanks to Rocket Fuel.


For growers who appreciate quick-draining media, Rocket Earth was create. Rocket Earth is one of the greatest indoor and besides greenhouse blends on the market right now, and it is based on grower’s grade Manitoban long-fiber peat moss.

With Rocket Earth, growers may enjoy the same excellent soil texture they have come to love with our original Rocket Fuel while also choosing to avoid the earth if they so want completely.

The purpose of the extra mycorrhizae is to boost the plant’s access to soil nutrients. So let the “Outlaw” flag soar.


has been grown in, it is simple to see how our high-quality ingredients and meticulous attention to detail have create our reliable reputation.

This combination establishes a new industry standard by ok unmatched oxygenation and nutrient availability through the capillary flow that Rogue Farmer Relaunched makes.

The Rogue Farmer Relaunch meticulously adds a stronger nutritious punch on top of our original blend’s foundation.

The combination is complete with the ideal amount of biochar, which, thanks to its cation exchangeability, aids in holding nutrients in the soil.

Our super-storm of awesomeness is create by the movement of oxygen and nutrients combined with the astounding biological diversity in this mixture. Yes, even criminals appreciate virtue.

LANGUAGE PAD Rocket Fuel Soil

Our initial creation was the Rogue Farmer blend. After it, Growers that use Rogue Soil asked for the best base mix, and Rogue Soil provided it.

Launch Pad mix premium components with extraordinarily high biological activity. We designed it for growers who want exceptional heavy soil drainage for greater moisture retention.

No corners cut with Launch Pad in keeping with our heritage of maintaining consistency in all of our blends.

Designed with the highest growers grade long fiber Manitoban peat, farm grade coconut coir, and premium worm cause for an incredible combination of biological fun. Launch Pad serves as the foundation for your garden’s outlaw-style takeoff!


The American Farmer is good for growers who enjoy using microorganisms and high-porosity growth mediums.

This mixture includes mycorrhizae fungi, a significant amount of coarse-grade perlite, and our growers’ grade long-fiber peat moss.

The purpose of mycorrhizae is to boost the plant’s access to nutrients in the soil. The American Farmer is equipper and ready to go out of the bag.


The Outlaw State of Jefferson, which consists of Southern Oregon and Northern California hills, is where Rogue Soil was founded.

Our mixes were developed because we wants and needed a better soil product than the market was offering. This is also true of the Hard Coir blend.

The farmer who enjoys quick drainage without sacrificing excellent moisture retention was Hard Coir’s target audience.

Our multi-washed coconut coir and perlite are combine to create a material that is so soft you’ll want to use it as a pillow. Then, all you have to do is start feeding and planting!

SEASONAL RUN Rocket Fuel Soil

The goal of Rogue Soil has always been to improve soil quality. We able it once more! The greatest natural ingredients we can locate have been combine with our little twist to create Salmon Run.

This potent biological mixture offers the ideal balance of performance and drainage. Along with its release, the mix secrets will shortly be reveal!