TextNow Best Alternative for desktop

Despite having some similarities to WhatsApp, Signal, and Skype, TextNow is not those programs. TextNow is an app that houses an end-to-end phone service. You can make free calls and texts over WiFi, so you won’t have to pay for calls at home or connected to a WiFi network.

You can acquire your full plan from TextNow because they also provide data service. They have a fantastic unlimited package that starts at $39.99 per month. Although most people are familiar with TextNow’s free phone and messaging service, the data stuff is new.

TextPlus VS TextNow


I have utilized TextPlus, sometimes known as Text+, which is a fantastic alternative to TextNow. I see a lot of folks who use it.

Register using only your login, although it is not required. Adding an email address if you want to be able to access your account if you forget your username or password.

Like TextNow, TextPlus contains advertisements. But I especially liked that you could get rid of commercials for a day for just $0.05. That is five cents, yes! Since there are days when you don’t need to use your TextPlus number, you don’t have to pay; on the day you do, spend the five cents to remove adverts.

This is not a recurring subscription, so you don’t have to pay if those days don’t come around very often. Removing advertisements for a full week will cost you just $0.25. Having all promotions released for an entire month will only cost you $0.99/per month.

Additionally, it will only cost you $0.10 to keep your number for a whole month, even if you don’t use it. So even though you have to renew it each month manually, the cost is only $1.20 each year.

I adore TextPlus because it makes maintaining the same phone number and getting rid of advertisements affordable. In addition, you can earn credits for nothing by completing the offers on the offer wall or viewing movies.

Google Voice VS TextNow


You get a single number for all of your phones with Google Voice, voicemail that is structured like an email, free long distance in the US, low prices abroad, and a tonne of other free calling services like caller ID, call blocking, call screening, conference calling, SMS, and more. It is a great beneficial alternative of TextNow.

Burner VS TextNow


The burner was the first app for calling, texting, and sending pictures. When you give out your number, keep yourself safe and anonymous. To protect the privacy of your number, we divert incoming calls to your cell phone from your temporary Burner phone number. Burner is a beneficial app like TextNow.

Create as many concurrent local numbers as you require in any area code in the United States or Canada. Then, while routing through your fictitious phone number, calls and messages function identically to how they do on your real cell phone number.

You are free to save and discard numbers as long as you like. Take whatever number of Burner numbers you want! Regarding new lines, we have two choices. Prepaid Burners are transient phone numbers that are excellent for sellers. Dating, Craigslist, or both.

You may buy them via the Burner applications for iOS and Android. Get a free temporary phone number for a week by downloading the app. Subscription Burners are ideal for a long-term second phone number for work or personal usage.

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Line2 VS TextNow


With the help of WiFi, 3G, 4G, or LTE, you can call and text from a different phone number using the VoIP phone service Line2. At a modest surcharge, Send texts, make calls to ANYONE in the US or Canada, and more. Pick any number to call. Line2 is also a beneficial alternative of TextNow.

TextMe VS TextNow


You can send an unlimited amount of text, audio, picture, and video messages for FREE to any mobile phone number in the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, and more than 40 other countries worldwide using the simple-to-use messaging software TextMe. TextMe is a good alternative of TextNow.



If you need to make inexpensive international calls, Rebtel is one of the best options to consider as a text substitute. This service provides connectivity to more than 50 countries, including landlines. There is no need to connect to the internet because you may use your mobile phone plan to make calls instead.

You can pay every month at reasonable rates. You are spending less if you only need to make one phone call can help you save money. Rebtel will give you $5 in calling credit if you refer a friend who uses their services to complete a transaction. Rebtel is a fantastic alternative of TextNow.



Fongo is an Ontario company that offers Canadians low-cost, small business, and personal communication options. Our free, entry-level business phone solution is Fongo Works.

Your free Fongo Works system is upgraded with more features, greater customizability, a larger selection of extensions, and the option to add Pro devices by Fongo Works Pro. In addition, Fongo uses 0.5MB of data for every connected calling minute. Therefore a 500MB data plan offers you roughly 1000 calling minutes per month.

Switching between wifi and data while on a call is not supported. For unlimited calling to any number, Fongo includes a real phone number.

Do your family and friends reside in another province or city? Pick a local number so that calls made to you from them are free. Visual voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, 911 assistance, and other features are available with free calling. Fongo is also a good alternative of TextNow.



The new way to communicate via text and share. Anywhere in the world, TalkU calls to anyone are entirely free. In addition, unlimited free text messages are available with typing indicators, read recipient, and read the notification.

Push a button to convert your phone into a genuine Walkie-Talkie. Share your music, sketches, films, photos, and destinations with your loved ones. Get incoming phone calls and text messages from anyone.

Even those who don’t use TalkU have No commitment, no activation charge, and no monthly subscription. Save 90% or more! Eliminate the phone companies from your life. Call blocking, call forwarding, your custom greeting on the visual voicemail, and more.

Your true identity is concealed behind a TalkU phone number. Never publish your actual phone number online! Between 30 million TalkU users, calls and SMS are always available! Invite your loved ones to utilize TalkU.

BOSS Revolution

BOSS Revolution

Keep your loved ones nearby. To view what we have to offer, select your destination. Disconnection is not a concern. Now, all it takes to remain in touch is one app. Talk and text with a trustworthy, affordable service that keeps its promise to keep you in touch over long distances.

Get $2 to call when you open a new account. Your money transfers should be simple, practical, and secure. Enjoy reasonable costs, great exchange rates, and repeat business. In only a few clicks, discover the power of global money transmission.

Up to $300 of your initial transfer is free! It is a simpler method to keep in touch with loved ones and ensure their phone never runs out of battery. In addition, BOSS Revolution allows you to send. You may send mobile airtime to over 150 providers in 90 different countries with a few clicks.

When you download our calling app, you’ll stay in touch with your loved ones and receive a $2 incentive. Great pricing, free calls, and a clear connection. Using our mobile app, you can stay in touch wherever you are.

Call App

Call App

A WIFI calling app combining call, text, and recording is called Call App. Call Program is an all-in-one calling, texting, recording, and SMS messaging app. Even if your contact doesn’t have the Call App, you can still call a genuine phone number for free or at a nominal cost. it is like TextNow and very beneficial.

You can get a distinctive, customized US or Canadian phone number with the Call App. Make free WiFi calls on your device by quickly converting a device, such as a tablet, into a phone. Choose one for business and one for family, and you may soon get a second number without using a different SIM card like TextNow.

There are several ways to gain credits, the easiest of which only requires one tap. By finishing some amusing tasks, watching some comic films, and participating in other playing roulette. Free international calls over wifi. VoIP calls for domestic and international use are affordable or free.

You can make VoIP calls using your WIFI or data plan (3G/4G), even with a tablet. Utilize calling credits to make free calls. Call App connects to your friends like TextNow.



We provide the most affordable international calling rates to any mobile or landline number in thousands of locations worldwide. Install the WePhone app to view prices for all locations. You need to compare our prices to those of other apps on the market to know how low they are.

WePhone currently offers phone numbers from the USA and Canada, and we aim to provide phone numbers from other nations. When your friends aren’t online, text their actual numbers. Wephone is a good alternative of TextNow.

Chat with friends for free when both of you are using WePhone App. Connect your friends seamlessly and stay connected anytime. Receive free SMS notification codes to register with Facebook, Tinder, or as secondary identification for any other app.

WePhone is a VoIP phone service that allows you to make calls domestically and internationally in more than 200 countries while saving money by utilizing your current high-speed Internet connection (wifi/4G/3G).


Google Voice is the greatest TextNow substitute for professional and private calls to friends, family, and business needs.

But I also suggest TextPlus, especially if the Google Voice app is giving you difficulties when you try to make calls, which might happen occasionally. It costs very little to keep your number even if you are not actively using it, even though TextPlus features adverts.