ViewSonic XG2530

ViewSonic XG2530 Complete Details

ViewSonic XG2530 supports a 240Hz native refresh rate which certainly looks very good on paper and cloud drum up excitement amongst competitive gamers in particular.

These features work together to deliver the smoothest and fastest gameplay to date during quick-paced action scenes, allowing you to track, aim, and blast your target with ease, especially during tense, competitive gameplay.

The ColorX mode preset, which is specifically designed to deliver the best performance for Overwatch gameplay, includes the highest refresh rate, fastest response time.

Besides optimal color performance; gamers can turn on these optimized performance settings with the push of a button. In addition to a variety of presets for FPS, RTS, MOBA, as well as user-customizable modes.

Additionally, the display offers more precisely adjustable settings, such as 5-levels of response time modification, 22-levels of black stabilization, and a variety of aspect ratio configurations, providing you a moldable toolbox of alterations to suit your gaming preferences.

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Game play display ViewSonic XG 2530

Then, ViewSonic XG2530 striking gaming display is equipped with the Color X mode preset, primarily designed to deliver the best performance for Over watch gameplay, including the best refresh rate, quickest reaction time, and best shadeation overall performance.

Besides gamers can quickly activate these optimized general performance settings. Additionally With 5-tiers of reaction time adjustment, 22-tiers of black stabilization, and a variety of component ratio configurations.

The display also offers more precisely adjustable settings modifications, giving you a moldable toolbox of adaptations to match your particular style of gameplay.

3year Warranty ViewSonic XG 2530

The ViewSonic® XG2530 is a 25″ Full HD gaming reveal besides with all the story and speed that ardent gamers expect.

With a native refresh rate of 240Hz and AMD Free Sync Technology, this display has uneven refresh rate abilities that eliminate screen tearing and stuttering for seamless gameplay during fast-paced action scenes.

In addition, even during the most graphically demanding scenarios, a lightning-fast 1ms reaction time provides clear screen performance.

Astonishing Colors ViewSonic XG2530

An array of pre-set configurable visible modes prepares you for any FPS, RTS, furthermore MOBA gaming scenario. In match , a separate Color X gaming mode ensures the most desirable pace and also a visuals ideal for video games like Over watch.

In addition, because of a black stabilization feature, you may target adversaries hiding in the shadows while the revelation proceeds with beautifully rich colors and contrast.

The ViewSonic XG2530, therefore, offers everything you need to satisfy your gaming and entertainment needs, including an Ergonomic stand designed with gamers in mind that also has a Headphone hook and cable control functionality.


  • 240Hz refresh rate
  • Game Mode Hotkey
  • AMF Free Sync Technology
  • Ultra-fast response time


Screen Size25 in
Display TypeTN
Brightness400 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio1000:1
Resolution1920 x 1080
Response Time1ms
Viewing Angle170 horizontal 160 vertical
Color Support16.7M
Refresh RateHorizontal: HDMI (v1.4): 15 ~ 180KHz, HDMI (v2.0) & DisplayPort (v1.2): 15 ~ 255KHz| Vertical: HDMI (v1.4): 24 ~ 144Hz, HDMI (v2.0) & DisplayPort (v1.2): 24 ~ 240Hz
Speaker2W (x2)
PowerConsumption (max): 54W| Voltage: AC 100-240V (universal), 50-60Hz
I/O PortUSB 3.0 Type Ax2| USB 3.0 Type Bx1| 3.5mm Audio Outx1| HDMI 1.4×1| HDMI 2.0×1| Display Portx1|
Dimensions22.28 x 17.08 x 9.42 in
Warranty3 Year

Premium Gaming Monitor with Free Scan

The monitors may be the most important part of any gaming device because you can buy a modern CPU or GPU. However, you may still use their size even if you don’t have a strong gaming reveal.

Therefore, the market offers a sizable game video display device. Which one, though, is best for you? Because we’ll be reviewing the ViewSonic XG2530 today, a High-quality 1080p reveal with some amazing theme that we’ll go through below.

The ViewSonic XG2530, introduced on April 30, 2017, is still one of the most popular gaming video display units with amazing powers that give you an advantage over other players in competitive gaming.

However, due to its 240Hz refresh rate and quick 1ms reaction time, it defeats the competition. For certain consumers, the choice of 19201080 won’t be the best option, but if you look at the price and other skills we may discuss, you might notice the difference.

Performance by ViewSonic XG2530

The ViewSonic XG2530 performs admirably in terms of high refresh rate and odd reaction time, however the 1920 x 1080 resolution should have been sharper.

Refresh rateUp to 240Hz
Response time1ms (Gray-to-Gray)
22-level black stabilizationYes, ViewSonic Black stabilization feature
Game-ModeYes, Customizable
Free-Sync PremiumYes, fully compatible

Design Of ViewSonic XG2530

On-Screen Display (OSD)Yes, push able
Swivel45° left and 45° right
tilt15° backward and 5° forward
VESA mount compatibleYes, VESA 100x100m compatibility

Final Words ViewSonic XG2530

Finely! Therefore, the ViewSonic XG2530’s straightforward search display seems great and high-end. Although it doesn’t have an amazing evaluation ratio and the viewing angles aren’t that terrific, its features and excellent connectivity options give it a much higher taste.

Despite its shortcomings, it costs $457.99 for a new model and $377.99 for a new model. Compared to the competition, it feels realistic and stands out in terms of price.

When we consider the capabilities, we end that, in general, there is a lot of match between the price and the qualifications.